Thursday, 31 March 2011 19:44

The Prime is ready for prime time!

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Peter Yeargin and Christopher M. Davis were the board toppers in Games 135 and 136, played last night at Cinner's Chili Parlour & Cocktail Lounge. Yeargin tacked on a few points to his club lead. Prime Weasel Davis, meanwhile, leapt into sixth place, knocking Royale fixture Matt Sundstrom out of the money, at least for the time being. Here's a look at the final center counts for both games:


Sunday, 27 March 2011 11:07

Three Petes and a Lady

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As Pete McNamara noted in the aftermath, "There were no easy dots" in last night's game at Matt Sundstrom's home in Glenview. The board was loaded with four of the season's top seven players. The others included a Royale combatant from last year and one of the club's dogged young guns. But the player who successfully navigated the minefield of Peters and Sundstroms and Nates (oh my) was last year's Rookie of the Year Amanda Baumgartner. She earned her first ever board top, and first positive score of Season 6, with an 11-center Germany. The final center counts were:

Another game, another near solo. This time, it was Nate Cockerill pushing Austria to 17 centers before being stopped by an F/G stalemate line. Game No. 133, played March 20 at Ted McClelland's home in Rogers Park, ended after the Fall 1912 turn in the following center counts:

Monday, 14 March 2011 21:12

Madness! Sunday's game in jeopardy!

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The streak is on the line. We're scheduled to play a house game for a sixth consecutive weekend on Sunday, but the game is in jeopardy.

Host Peter Lokken was called away to Buffalo. He won't return until the late afternoon on Sunday. In addition, Peter Yeargin had to drop from the game due to a business trip. That has left us with five players without a home for the game.

  1. Aash Anand
  2. John Gramila
  3. Nate Cockerill
  4. Josh Kanto
  5. Ted McClelland
  6. Nadji Allan 
  7. Joaquin Aguilar

Standbys: Mike Morrison, Jim O'Kelley and Don Glass

Nate Cockerill has stepped up and is willing to host, although he may opt to do it at Cinner's rather than his home. His home and Cinner's are both in Chicago's Lincoln Square neighborhood. I am willing to play, but I can only do so if I also host the game in Oak Brook. I have my son for a few days--I can keep him entertained at home and still play Dip. However, if I host, then one of the current players will have to drop, so either way, we're at five.

If you can help us salvage this game, please comment below, and let us know if you're available to play in the city, the suburbs, or both. Thanks!


Sunday, 13 March 2011 14:23

Dyeing the West green

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Erin Go Bragh!Mike Morrison celebrated St. Patrick's Day by turning the West green. His Italy romped to a 10-center board top in a game that ended in Spring 1906. His 10 centers: Home, Tunis, France, Iberia and Liverpool.

The final center counts were:
Austria (Tyler Mollenkopf): 8; 24.427 points.
England (Peter Lokken): 3; 3.435 points.
France (Christopher M. Davis): 0; 0.000 points.
Germany (Ted McClelland): 5; 9.542 points.
Italy (Mike Morrison): 10; 38.168 points.
Russia (Jim O'Kelley): 8; 24.427 points.
Turkey (Aash Anand): 0; 0.000 points.
Wednesday, 09 March 2011 21:41

The seven deadly Cinners

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And just to round out our ambitious March Madness schedule, we're playing at Cinner's on March 30.

The Seven Deadly Cinners
When: March 30 at 6:15 p.m. until no later than 11.
Where: Cinners Chili Parlour and Cocktail Lounge, 4757 North Talman Avenue in Chicago's Lincoln Square neighborhood.
What: At least one game of Diplomacy.
Monday, 07 March 2011 21:33

More Madness at Ballydoyle

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Good news, Weasels! We're adding another game to our March Madness schedule. Join us at Ballydoyle Irish Pub & Restaurant in Downers Grove on March 31 for our last game before the CODCon Open. Here are all the details.

More Madness at Ballydoyle
When: March 31 at 6:15 p.m. until no later than 11.
Where: Ballydoyle Irish Pub & Restaurant, 5157 Main Street in Downers Grove.
What: At least one board of Diplomacy, plus Irish themed fun.
Sunday, 06 March 2011 10:13

Beware the Ides of Ted!

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March Madness rolls on with round two on Saturday at Ted McClelland's home in Rogers Park. It will be our fifth straight weekend with a Diplomacy game. But we're still two players short. We've been trying to get one of the five current players into the fold since he relocated here from North Carolina last summer, so it would be great if we could make this game happen. Here are the details. Please sign up if you're interested and available.

Saturday, 05 March 2011 18:40

Game 131 goes to McSundstrom

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Final positions in Game No. 131.

March Madness tipped off today with a classic East vs. West tilt at Dan Burgess' home in Downers Grove. Sharing the board top were the East's champion, Matt Sundstrom, and the West's, Ted McClelland. The game ended after the Fall 1908 turn in the following center counts:

Sunday, 27 February 2011 19:48

Where in the world is John Gramila?

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Game No. 130, played Saturday at Peter Yeargin's home in Lakeview, started 90 minutes late due to the mysterious, unexplained disappearance of John Gramila. Fortunately, Nate Cockerill, this season's leader in games played, was able to recruit one of his many contacts to round out the board. 

The seven proceeded to play another marathon game. This one ended at around 11 p.m. after the Fall 1913 turn with the host narrowly topping the board over his ally and fellow-named Peter, Peter Lokken. (Their alliance is being called the Peter Pact.) The final center counts were:


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