The Weekly Weasel (214)

Monday, 16 September 2013 11:21

The Weekly Weasel -- Week of Sept. 16

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I'm home with Patrick today and he's sleeping, so you get an early (and quick) edition of the Weekly Weasel.

Strange Start to Season Nine
After a false start two weeks ago, Season Nine finally opened Friday night in Little Italy. It was Friday the 13th, and we knew we were in for an odd night when Mike Morrison showed up with a box of creampuffs.
"Creampuffs for the creampuffs," he said with a sneer, and then he proved it so. Check out the game summary and reaction from a couple of the players.

Monday, 09 September 2013 19:19

The Weekly Weasel -- Week of Sept. 9

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Here's the latest news from the Weasels.

Opening Night, Take Two
We fell short of a full board for last week's Opening Night game at the Red Lion, so we'll try again this week. This time, the game is scheduled for Friday night at my place in Little Italy. We'll start at 6:30 and play till midnight. Help us get this ninth season going by signing up.

Monday, 02 September 2013 20:47

The Weekly Weasel -- Week of Sept. 2

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Our brief off-season, much like the long holiday weekend, has come to an end. Season Nine starts Wednesday.

Handicapping the Brawl
As you know, we launched the Bar Room Brawl Series, a subset of our league, last year. In addition to counting toward the regular season standings, all our bar games counted toward the Brawl Series. We tracked each player's best three scores and published a separate standings for the Brawl after each game.

A total of 38 players competed in the inaugural brawl, playing in 12 games: Nine at the Red Lion (the Brawl sponsor) and three at Guthries' Tavern. Check out the final standings here.

On Wednesday night, the top seven will gather at the Red Lion in Lincoln Square for the championship game. Here's a look at the Brawlers.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013 20:37

The Weekly Weasel -- Week of Aug. 26

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Read on for the latest news from the Weasels

Black Sea Bounces and Other Superstitions
If you believe that Diplomacy is a game without luck, then it shouldn't bother you that we've scheduled our first house game of Season Nine for Friday the 13th. Make your plans to join us for a time-limited game in Little Italy. Only three spots remain.

Monday, 19 August 2013 21:33

The Weekly Weasel -- Week of Aug. 19

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Read on for the latest news from the Weasels

Season Nine Is Coming
If you're Facebook feed is anything like mine, then it's been lighting up with lamentations from your teacher friends who are heading back to school. Well, not unlike those poor bastards, we'll be returning to the Dip table soon, so I hope you're making the most of our brief off-season. We've already scheduled two tilts for Season Nine, and more games are coming, so keep your eyes open.

Monday, 12 August 2013 21:47

The Weekly Weasel -- Week of Aug. 12

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This week's edition is chock full of Pyle coverage. Enjoy!

Opening Night and the Bar Room Brawl
But before we get to the Pyle coverage, here's an important announcement. Opening Night for Season Nine will be Sept. 4 at the Red Lion in Lincoln Square. In addition, we'll hold the Bar Room Brawl championship game that night. So far, the top six finishers in the Bar Room Brawl Series have confirmed for the championship game. We're still waiting on Christian Kline. We've also got five players lined up for the first board on Opening Night, so how about signing up to help us get Season Nine off to a great start.

Tuesday, 06 August 2013 21:25

The Weekly Weasel -- Week of Aug. 5

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Read on for the latest news from the Weasels.

It all Comes down to This
Season Eight tipped off way back in September with a two-board session at Guthrie's Tavern. Nate Cockerill and Chris Kelly grabbed the board tops on Opening Night, while our special guest -- the Australian Peter McNamara, who was in town for a conference – settled for a strong second. (On his return for CODCon in April, McNamara was second to none.)
Wednesday, 31 July 2013 21:36

The Weekly Weasel -- Week of July 29

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Read on for the latest news from your favorite bunch of Weasels.

Two Weasels, Seven Points
Heading into the final event of Season Eight, a mere 7 points separates the top two contenders in the race for the Weasel of the Year. Having won the honor twice before, Matt Sundstrom has grown fond, even covetous, of the title. On July 17 in Game No. 217, the season's penultimate event, Sundstrom showed us just how much he wants to win again, posting his third outright board top of the season and the highest scoring one of the bunch.
Wednesday, 24 July 2013 20:15

The Weekly Weasel -- Week of July 22

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We're back with another edition of the Weekly Weasel after a two-week scheduled hiatus. Read on for the latest news.

Games On
The Weasels played some games while I was away. On July 13, seven players gathered at Peter Lokken's home in Old Town for Game No. 216. It ended in Spring 1908 in a somewhat unusual five-way draw. Check out the game summary and endgame statement from the board-topper.

Monday, 08 July 2013 20:37

The Weekly Weasel -- Week of July 8

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Here's another brief edition of the Weekly Weasel, and it will have to tide you over till the week of the 22nd. I'm taking next week off, as I'll be in the middle of a 10-day trip to beautiful Reno, Nevada.

Need Two for Saturday
We're at five for Saturday's game at Peter Lokken's home in Old Town. Can we find two more to make a game? If so, it will start at 11 a.m. and end when it ends.

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