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Tuesday, 19 January 2010 20:23

New Year, New You

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I've never been one for making New Year's resolutions for myself, but I love making them for other people. Here are five for you, my fellow Weasels.

1) Get out to a house game or two this year. Just read some of the comments in the game threads (like this one), and you'll see how much fun we all have playing Diplomacy. It's even more fun when we add new faces to the mix.

2) Consider hosting a game. If you've wanted to play but can't seem to find a game that fits your schedule or is within a reasonable radius of your home, then here's a simple solution: Pick a date that works for you, and offer to host. Provided that you give sufficient warning--at least one month is best, but earlier this month, we filled a game on a couple of days' notice--we should be able to find six other players for you.


All we ask of our hosts is that you provide us with a place to play and agree to run the game using our club house rules and the novice rules if applicable. You can find both documents in the Files Section, which you can access from the links menu. Some hosts enjoy plying their guests with food and drink. That's appreciated but not mandatory. All we really need is a place to play.

3) Support our local tournaments. Make time to join us for at least one round at CODCon and/or (but preferably and) Weasel Moot. CODCon will be April 10-11 at the College of Dupage in Glen Ellyn. It's a fun little local tournament with great people watching. Weasel Moot, which has become an important tournament on the national scene and attracts top players from around the country, most likely will be the weekend of Sept. 25. The venue for Weasel Moot has yet to be determined; stay tuned. For now, just mark your calendars and make a real effort to join us this year. You won't be disappointed.

4) Consider traveling to a tournament. Last year, 13 Weasels left the metropolitan area to play Diplomacy in places like Seattle; Columbus, Ohio; Long Island; and D.C. Every one of us had a blast hanging out and playing Diplomacy with new people, including some of the best in the world.

Here are five can't-miss tournaments for your consideration:

  1. DipCon at Whipping (April 16-18 in San Francisco)
  2. DixieCon (May 28-30 in Chapel Hill, N.C.)
  3. HuskyCon (July at the Woodring home overlooking Long Island Sound)
  4. Tempest (Oct. 8-9 in Falls Church, Va.)
  5. Carnage (Nov. 5-7 in Fairlee, Vt.).

I've been to all five, and they're fun tournaments in great locations. I have no problem vouching for any of them. If you'd prefer to attend a con within driving distance, there are regional options like Origins and Buckeye Game Fest in Columbus and the PSC Game Fest in Lexington, Ky. 

5) Support the Weasels. Finally, support the Weasels by becoming a paid-up member. Dues for 2010 are $25 (same as last year). You can pay yours by PayPaling to wcwsneak [at] gmail [dot] com or by giving $25 to either me or Treasurer Christian MacDonald the next time you see us. Your dues pay for our Meetup page (which costs $144 per year), our club and Royale awards, our website, and will allow us to do some other things.

So there you go. Five resolutions to help you make the most of the New Year! You can thank me with Belgium.

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