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Monday, 02 November 2009 17:48

2009 Weasel Royale approaches...

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Fellow Weasels,

For the second consecutive year, Dan Burgess will be hosting our invitational club championship game, the Weasel Royale.  In order to qualify, one must play at least three club games during the current season, and be a paid-up member.  The top seven players who meet those criteria have been invited to play in the Royale.  The participants for this year's tournament are as follows, in order of club finish for the Weasel 2009 Club Season:

  1. Peter Yeargin, 477 points
  2. Matt Sundstrom, 424 points
  3. Christian MacDonald, 417 points
  4. Paul Pignotti, 401 points
  5. Jim O'Kelley, 401 points
  6. Eric Brown, 361 points
  7. Mike Morrison, 359 points

In addition, this year's Royale will feature an Undercard to be played out in Dan's finished basement.  The good news is you'll have easier access to Dan's four hand-craft beers on tap. The bad news is you may have to wait on yourselves, since Dan has a Royale to run. But, you'll have the opportunity to see some of the Royale in action and will also receive frequent updates. We may even incorporate a supply center tote board. Who knows, but what fun!


The following players have signed up to play in the Undercard and will be on-hand to enjoy the festivities.

  1. Pete McNamara
  2. Greg Duenow
  3. John Ritz
  4. Ted McClelland
  5. Scott Cheever
  6. Amanda Baumgartner
  7. May Ling Chong

In case someone from the Royale cannot play, Ted will be drafted to play with the big boys. We'll need someone to take his spot on the tougher undercard so any alternates, feel free to show up.

As is Dan's custom, we will begin at 11am, and he will have food and beer available all day.  While the game will be serious in nature, featuring our club's top players competing for the club title, Dan would like the day to have a festive atmosphere; all Weasels are welcome to come and hang out, and downstairs on a television we will have the upstairs board shown live, allowing non-players to kibbutz and discuss the game and the players.  Of course we'll play other games down there and have a fun time in all.

After the game we will either hang out at Dan's home or retire to the local brewpub to continue the fun.  Also as usual, any Weasels who live out of town or some distance from his base in the western suburbs are invited to stay over on Saturday night after the game.

Mark your calendars now, and even if you aren't among the top seven players for the year, please consider joining us!

Look forward to seeing everyone on November 7th.

The Sneak


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