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Tuesday, 07 December 2010 21:18

Knemeyer wins Central Shuffle

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Dirk Knemeyer won the 2010 Central Shuffle minor circuit on the strength of his second-place finish at Weasel Moot. Knemeyer also played at the lightly attended Origins, to qualify for the crown.

Nick Rohn finished second; Nate Cockerill was third. Greg Duenow was the only other player to qualify.

The Shuffle will feature a new look next year. At last night's meeting, the Sneak decided to package DipCon with our two events, since the two Columbus events had previously opted out. To qualify for the 2011 crown, players will have to attend at least two of the three events. All three events will count for score.

The 2011 DipCon will be held at the Carnage Accords in Fairlee, Vt., the weekend of November 5. Each event will be worth 10 points per board in the three largest rounds. The winner will get those points, and each subsequent place will receive 90 percent of the previous one, down to a minimum of 5 points for showing up, 10 points at DipCon.

The 2011 Central Shuffle, our fourth year, will kick off at the CODCon Open in west suburban Glen Ellyn, April 16. The previous Central Shuffle champions were Graham Woodring of Long Island in 2008 and Matt Sundstrom of Glenview in 2009. Knemeyer lives in Granville, Ohio.

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