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Sunday, 31 January 2010 10:03

Holy January!

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We're off to a great start in 2010. The club held five games, including house games every other Saturday. A total of 26 players participated, with Amanda Baumgartner leading the way by playing in all three Saturday games. Seven other players played in two games.

The 26 players included one who hadn't played with us since March 2006, and five who were playing with us for the first time. One of those new players will be our seventh in the Super Bowl Sunday game next week.

That game will be the first of two in February. The second is Westward Hosed!, a game on Feb. 20 at Gary Przybocki's home in Montgomery, which is just south of Aurora. (By the way, the steady diet of house games we've offered recently is possible only because a bunch of new hosts stepped forward. If you're looking for a game that suits your schedule, volunteer to host. We promise not to trash your house.) Gary's game still has three open spots. How about some of our players from the Naperville area? You're not going to find an easier game for you to get to, unless you host it yourself! If you're in the city and would like to go but need transportation, let me know. I'll be driving out there from Halsted and Roosevelt, which is near the Red and Blue lines.

And we still have openings for our March Madness games: two for the game at my place on March 6, six for the game at Dan Burgess' home on March 13, and we're looking for a second board at Thom Comstock's place on March 20. As you've probably seen, games will fill quickly as we get closer to the dates, so if you want to play, reserve your spot soon. You can do that through Meetup (the preferred method--sign up for your free Meetup account today!), by posting in the comments section, or by emailing me.

Hope to see you at a game soon!

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+1 # Jim O'Kelley 2010-01-31 21:55
Quick update: There's now only one spot available in the Feb. 20 game in Montgomery. If you want it, speak up soon...
# Jim O'Kelley 2010-02-02 16:23
Gary's game on the 20th is now full. Next up: March Madness...

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