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Tuesday, 16 August 2016 13:49

Greed is Good: The Season 11 Weasels

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Brandon Fogel came within a dot and some fine print of winning four of the seven Best Country awards for Season 11. Instead, he had to settle for one Best Country and a couple of titles for a campaign that saw him top a near-record 6.5 boards while running away with the league's regular season title.

Fogel was the Weasel of the Year, amassing 149.505 points. He broke away from the pack down the stretch by topping four boards in a row and six out of seven from April 27 through August 10. Obviously, he also earned Top Weasel honors.


Rookie of the Year went to Jake Trotta, who played his first game ever on July 25 of last year, and then played twice more at last year's Pyle. This year, he played in a whopping 20 games, posted 2.16 board tops, and won the CODCon Open.

The Best Country awards went to:

Austria: Brian Shelden (Nine-center board top, Game 307)
England: Chris Kelly (10-center board top, Game 295)
France: Christian Kline (15-center board top, Game 297)
Germany: Brandon Fogel (11-center board top, Game 305)
Italy: Jim O'Kelley (12-center board top, Game 282)
Russia: Matt Sundstrom (12-center board top, Game 309)
Turkey: John Gramila (10-center board top, Game 291)

All told, we played 30 games, with 29 of them counting for score, and had 58 players participate. The complete standings are here.

It was a good year. Who's ready for the next one?

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