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Moot XIII, Round 2, Board 2

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Round 2, Board 2

The game ended by draw vote in Spring, 1908.

Chris Kelly
Dave Maletsky
Matt Sundstrom
Brandon Fogel
Brian Shelden
Tony Prokes
Dan Perlman

This was one of those games that Jake Trotta likes to tweak me about - where I stay mostly below the radar, then slink steadily towards a modest, usually shared board-top. A superficial, one-sentence summary might be that as Italy and Austria, respectively, Brian Shelden and I recognized that it was in our mutual interest to stick together, did so for several years, and finally benefited from feuds between the other players.

But there were nuances. Brian taking Trieste in 1901 was not something I agreed to - and though we patched things up by funneling the offending army to Greece in 1902, he moved an additional army to Tyrolia, and it might only have been France’s exploratory southern foray that same year which kept Brian from further shenanigans.

Other factors that played in our favor:
— Turkey (Dan P.) having its fleets bottled up in Ankara and Constantinople made it literally helpless against a joint Austrian/Italian naval attack... so Brian & I had every incentive to stick with it.
— France (Matt S.) going south in 1902, combined with a lack of clear conflict elsewhere in the West, made Russia (Tony Prokes) fear a Western triple enough to stay neutral (and eventually join in) as Austria & Italy got the upper hand on Turkey.
— When France reversed field from Italy toward England in 1903, England (Dave Maletsky) apparently bought his survival by agreeing to work with France and Russia against Germany (Brandon, who can perhaps comment more about the dynamics at work there).
— Seeing his holdings being whittled away in 1905-06, Brandon refused to agree to a draw until France was no longer topping the board, then worked with Brian and I to ensure that happened.

A:Chris Kelly
E:Dave Maletsky
F:Matt Sundstrom
G:Brandon Fogel
I:Brian Shelden
R:Tony Prokes
T:Dan Perlman

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