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Featured this week: terrible, terrible puns. Yes, they're worse than usual.


A ROARing Finish

Our last game of the Bar Room Brawl is this evening, meaning that this is your last chance to qualify for the BAR ROOM BRAWL TITLE BOUT (and a chance at winning your name on Cockerill’s Orb)! Swing by the Red Lion at 6:30 for the festivities.


A raging election

It’s that time of year, folks. Sneak elections occur at the Pyle. Any paid up members can vote, any paid up members can run. 3 spots are open, we have 1 incumbent and a couple other candidates who have indicated interest. If you are interested in running for the Sneak, send an email to Jake, your Chief of Public Information, by 8/16. Also reach out if you have any questions.


Newsflash: Jim O’Kelley does not suck at Diplomacy

It seems reports of the club founder’s death have been greatly exaggerated. Jim dropped a sizeable German board top at last week’s reunion bar game, where we welcomed back ex-pat Christian MacDonald. After spending the majority of the season outside the Top 7, Jim’s top has secured him a place in the Royale and continues his momentum since winning CODCON.  This development is particularly painful to hear because we here at the Weekly Weasel had a joke prepared for Pyle had Jim failed to make the top 7.

“Jim said he needed to take a step back this year for his marriage, and he did an excellent job at that, missing the Weasel Royale for the first time.”

We’ll be here all week, folks. For a recap and other jokes straight from the comedy cemetery, hit up the recap here.

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# Jim O'Kelley 2017-08-10 10:37
Damnit, Jim, I'm a diplomat, not a husband.

Two quibbles.

Sneak elections occur at the Pyle
We will be conducting absentee balloting by email prior to the Pyle, won't we?

Jim said he needed to take a step back this year for his marriage
For my family. My decision was self-imposed. I was spending too much time at home working on Weasels stuff instead of interacting with my kids.

Now, thanks largely to the efforts of fellow Sneak members like you, Brandon and Brian, my time commitment to the Weasels is much more manageable. I feel like I'm contributing to the club as part of a team. Meanwhile, Patrick and I play games regularly, and I read to him nearly every night. Jane is a work in a progress.

My hope is that like Kevin, they will both be Weasels one day.

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