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Wednesday, 17 May 2017 23:21

The English Patience

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Q: How many Trottas does it take to coordinate schedules?

A: Apparently more than three.

Game No. 342, played last night at Seven on the swanky New East Side, started more than 70 minutes late, due largely to miscommunication among the Brothers Trotta. As it turned out, the game got Jake, who had planned to drop by a game in progress after an evening meeting with clients, instead of Ian and their dad, Ray, although Ray did stop by even later to kibitz and watch basketball. (And he seems interested in returning to the table soon. Perhaps at Weasel Moot, June 23-25 at Diversey River Bowl...)

For those of us who arrived promptly, the confusion offered an unexpected and welcome opportunity to discuss the latest news out of Washington, which amazingly seemed to change with each new arrival. ("Did you hear about Comey's notes?")

Perhaps inspired by the leisurely start to the game, Chris Kelly guided England with an abundance of caution. His approach netted him a board-top--stopping Russia's two-game streak and Jake's personal three-gamer in the process--but arguably cost him a larger result. The game ended by draw vote during the Spring 1906 turn in the following center counts:

Austria (Brian Shelden): 0; 0.000 points.
England (Chris Kelly): 9; 33.471 points.
France (Jim O'Kelley): 8; 26.446 points.
Germany (Jake Trotta): 0; 0.000 points.
Italy (Mick Johnson): 6; 14.876 points.
Russia (Brandon Fogel): 6; 14.876 points.
Turkey (Gus Spelman): 5; 10.331 points.

The supply center chart is here. Players, how about some endgame statements?

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