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Our Diplomacy league is the most active in North America. We average more than two league games per month in addition to Tournament play. We score all of our games using the Sum of Squares scoring system, and each player's best three scores count toward the season standings. We are known for our fierce competition, strong traditions, upstanding character and trustworthiness, and the propensity for Turkey to open to Armenia.


Saturday, 23 July 2016 16:00

Weasel Pyle Eleven

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This one goes to 11.

Our club's happiest tradition returns for an 11th installment. Join us for the season-ending Weasel Pyle at Castle Brown in bucolic Wayne. The exact address will be provided to attendees.

We expect at least three boards of Diplomacy. Plus we'll present our season awards, announce the Weasel Royale club championship bids, elect the Ninth Sneak, and strike the Regimental Choir. Don't miss it!


Weasel Pyle Eleven
When: August 13, starting at Noon until no later than midnight. Please note that all Diplomacy games will end no later than 8 p.m., at which point we'll hold our annual awards ceremony, announce the Royale bids, hold our election, and strike the choir. After that, we're free to hang out, play other games and have fun until midnight, at which point Mrs. Brown will release the hounds.
Where: Castle Brown, Eric Brown's beautiful home in bucolic Wayne. The exact address will be provided to the players.
What: At least three boards of Diplomacy, other games, wildlife fun, the annual awards ceremony, an election, the Royale bids, and the always stirring striking of the Regimental Choir.
  1. Eric Brown
  2. Jim O'Kelley
  3. Bryan Pravel
  4. Matt Sundstrom
  5. Jake Trotta
  6. Brian Shelden
  7. Don Glass
  8. Brandon Fogel
  9. ed McClelland (if we can get him a ride from Lincoln Park)
  10. Amanda Baumgartner
  11. Tony Prokes
  12. Barry Preece
  13. David Spanos
  14. John Gramila
  15. Christian Kline
  16. Kevin O'Kelley
  17. John Ritz
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# Jim O'Kelley 2016-08-06 08:32
As part of my effort to step back a bit from organizing, I'll be handing over my Whip duties to Brian Shelden, but I still have some Whipping left in me. Last night was pretty productive. I picked up Amanda and three pretty solid maybes in Barry Preece, John Ritz and David St. John.

On the downside, these guys are all out: Kevin O'Kelly, Pete McNamara, Mike Morrison, Geoff Serednesky, Ian Trotta and Goz.
# Jim O'Kelley 2016-08-06 09:02
I also reached out to, and am waiting to hear from, Ali Adib, Ben DiPaola, Brad Harrington, Chris Cantine, Christian Kline, David Spanos, John Gramila, Josh Heffernan, Nick Rohn, Paul Pignotti, Peter Lokken,Sam Bassett and Tony Prokes.

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