Wednesday, 30 November 2016 16:07

The Wise Old Weasel -- Talking Turkey

Turkey, Thanksgiving cornerstone and diplomatic "Cancer in the Corner," is next up because of the aforementioned holiday.

A reminder of what we're doing here:

Weasels near and far, let us gather and share our collective wisdom on the play of individual powers in this great game. All are encouraged to comment with their perspective on playing each power effectively. For newer weasels, this should be a tremendous resource to quickly learn the game. For older weasels, this blog will provide areas to search for improvement and share discoveries. And for the oldest of Weasels, this blog is an outlet for the fruit of their many years in the hobby. This, Weasels, is where we share our wisdom.

Topics of conversation may include openings, negotiation, alliances, how to solo, how to play from behind, anything and everything that feeds into the proper play of the nation. Reminder: this is specific to club Turkish play under the one true scoring system, Sum of Squares.  

Gobble up your Turkish tactics after the jump.

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