WCW Club Season 2010 Games (47)

We're pleased to announce a bonus game opening for Super Bowl Sunday. Peter Yeargin will be the host at his home in Lakeview, on Sheffield between Belmont and Barry. It will start at 10 a.m. The exact address will be provided later.

Following the game, Peter will open his home to the players' significant others for food, drinks and football fun.

Five spots remain in this bonus game, so if you want to play, sign up soon.

When: Feb. 7 at 10 a.m.
Where: Peter Yeargin's home in Lakeview.
What: One board of Diplomacy, followed by a Super Bowl party.
1) Peter Yeargin
2) Adam Berey
3) Christian MacDonald
4) Sam Bassett
5) Greg Duenow
6) Mike Morrison
7) John Gramila
Friday, 22 January 2010 20:32

An Atypically Typical Night at Guthrie's

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I'm afraid the four new players who joined our ranks last night will be disappointed the next time they attend a Guthrie's game. We don't typically get to share the bar with 50 attractive members of a women's group.

But one thing they ought to get used to seeing is Matt Sundstrom topping boards. As reigning Weasel of the Year last year, Sundstrom swept our two tournaments. When season 5 commenced, the club appropriately rose up and smacked him around, eliminating him in his first game and sending him home with four centers in his second.

Since then, Sundstrom has roared back with three straight board-topping performances to vault into second place on the young season. His latest was a fairly typical Sundstromesque perfomance. He played Germany and finished with 10 centers, one better than his French ally.

Meanwhile, on the other board ...

Mike Morrison awoke from a season-long slumber to top Game No. 85 in convincing fashion, grabbing top England honors in the process. Played yesterday at Ted McClelland's home in Rogers Park, the game ended in Spring 1910 in a six-way DIAS draw. The final center counts were:

Austria (Tom West): 0; 6 points.
England (Mike Morrison): 12; 154 points.
France (Pete McNamara): 2; 30 points.
Germany (Amanda Baumgartner): 3; 40 points.
Italy (Ted McClelland): 3; 40 points.
Russia (Samuel Bassett): 5; 60 points.
Turkey (Jeffrey Wood): 9; 100 points.

Click here to see the supply center chart.

Let's hear from the players! Post your thoughts in the comments section below.

Next up: Game No. 86, and perhaps 87, at Guthrie's this Thursday. See you there!

Tuesday, 12 January 2010 19:37

Game Openings: Get Your Brackets Ready!

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Get your brackets ready--the Windy City Weasels' third annual March Madness extravaganza is here!

This year, we're offering three house games on successive Saturdays, all in the Western burbs. March Madness will kick off at Jim O'Kelley's home in Oak Brook on March 6. On March 13, we'll be at Dan Burgess' home in Downers Grove. And the extravaganza will culminate in a two-board session on March 20 at Thom Comstock's place in Oak Park.

Don't miss out on the fun or the opportunity to tune up for the fourth annual CODCon Open (April 10-11)! Pick a game or games, and sign up by posting your name in the comments section below or by responding in Meetup!

Kiss Me I'm a Weasel
When: March 6 at 9 a.m.
Where: Jim O'Kelley's Home in Oak Brook.
What: One board of Diplomacy, lunch, booze and PlayStation 3 for the losers.
1) Jim O'Kelley
2) Amanda Baumgartner
3) Peter Yeargin
4) Mike Morrison
5) Adam Berey
6) Sam Bassett
7) Nate Cockerill
Beware the Ides of March
When: March 13 at 12:30 p.m.
Where: Dan Burgess' Home in Downers Grove.
What: One board of Diplomacy, plus Tracey's famous chili and four hand-craft beers on tap!
1) Greg Duenow
2) Christopher M. Davis
3) Josh Kanto
4) Todd Woodman
5) Mike Morrison
6) Pete McNamara
7) Dan Burgess
Shamrocks and Shenanigans
When: March 20 at 11:15 a.m.
Where: Thom Comstock's Home in Oak Park.
What: Two boards of Diplomacy. BYO drinks, players will chip in for food.
1) Thom Comstock
2) Jim O'Kelley
3) Matt Sundstrom
4) Andy Lischett
5) Nick Rohn
6) Christian Kline
7) Zeke D.
8) Kurt Anders Kugelberg
9) Tony Prokes
10) Christian MacDonald
11) Kevin O'Kelly
12) David (Kevin's friend)
13) Nathan from Meetup
Monday, 04 January 2010 19:07

Game Opening: Westward Hosed!

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Go West, Young Man...until you hit Aurora, then south to Montgomery, and that's where you'll find our February club game. Gary Przybocki will be our host. Join us for a rare game in the distant Western burbs!

What: Westward Hosed! One board of standard Diplomacy.
When: Feb. 20 at 11 a.m.
Where: Gary Przybocki's home in Montgomery. Exact address to be provided later.
1) Gary Przybocki
2) Amanda Baumgartner
3) Thom Comstock
4) Jim O'Kelley
5) Michael Schoose
6) Bob Kramford
7) Peter Yeargin
Bert Schoose
Monday, 04 January 2010 17:06

Game 84 Recap: Beware of Dino

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There is a great disturbance in the force.  Young Duenow has become powerful...

You read that right.  Greg Duenow topped game #84 with a methodical 15 center Turkey.  He gained one center each year from 4 in 1902 to 15 in 1913 when a three-way draw was approved.  Here's how everyone fared.

Austria (Marty Harris): elim 1906, 6 points
England (Grant Smith): 10 centers, 110 points
France (Amanda Baumgartner): elim 1913, 13 points
Germany (Eric Brown): 9 centers, 110 points
Italy (Christian MacDonald): elim 1912, 12 points
Russia (Phil Blaetz): elim 1903, 3 points
Turkey (Greg Duenow): 15 centers, 200 points

We had seven sign up and started very close to on time.  Everyone submitted a preference list for powers and I drew them randomly as I was not playing.  First draw got their first choice, second draw got their first choice if available or their second choice.  We ended up with three people getting their first choices, one third, one fourth and two sixths.  Newcomer Phil Blaetz got Russia (his first choice) and was promptly introduced to the joy of playing Russia in this club.  Germany bounced him in Russia and England convoyed to Norway.  Phil built F: StP(nc) and therefore guaranteed that England would press the attack.  Turkey played for a juggernaut through 1902 but had to "feed on the corpse" once it was clear Russia was dead.  This would play itself out two more times for Turkey.  Phil stayed around for a long time and I hope he can get to another game soon.

EG became pretty quickly united in their attack on Russia.  IT joined forces against Austria.  Marty started well and had some help from France against Italy.  But France was convinced to turn back west and GIT took Austria from 5 to 1 from 04 to 05.  Turkey got the best of that as Italy had only Trieste once it was all done.

The west got messy when France attacked England.  Germany was trying to hold his own against IT, so the EF war didn't swing much either way for a while.  Turkey kept growing and eventually built fleets to press an attack on Italy.  Germany joined England against France and the endgame was set.  In something Jim might like to see, EGT pressed to reduce the draw to three by eliminating the last dots of Italy and France (I should note that I took over for Italy in 1911).  France's last fleet in Tunis would have been important to stopping a Turkish solo, but Greg waived his last build in exchange for his getting Tunis and approving the draw.

Good that we got a game together on such short notice.  The day looked open for me, so I gave it a shot.  I enjoyed hosting again and will probably do another sometime soon.


Click here to see the supply center chart.

Thursday, 31 December 2009 11:46

Game Opening: Ring in the New Year with Matt!

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Can we fill a board on two days' notice? Let's find out.

When: Jan. 2 at 11 a.m.
Where: Matt Sundstom's home in Glenview. Exact address to be provided to players.
What: One board of standard Diplomacy.
1) Eric Brown
2) Greg Duenow
3) Amanda Baumgartner
4) Marty Harris
5) Christian MacDonald
6) Phil Baetz
7) Grant Smith
Matt Sundstrom


We're heading back to Guthrie's Tavern on Jan. 21 to ring in the New Year properly. That means more Diplomacy, drinks and Thursday night fun.

We'd again like to field at least two boards, and we'd like one of them to be for new and newish players. Consider bringing a friend! This will be a great opportunity to learn the game in a fun and supportive environment.

As always, we'll start as close to 6:15 p.m. as possible and finish playing no later than 11 p.m. We'll use quick negotiation phases to keep the game moving. The beer will be flowing, and best of all, pizza magically appears. Check it out!

Board of Bright-Eyed Novices:
1) Kevin Sexton
2) Paul Robinson
3) Alex Riedel
4) Chris Paxhia or Sam Bassett or Jean from Meetup
5) Jeff Scheur
6) Josh Kanto
7) John Gramila
Board of Jaded Veterans:
1) Jim O'Kelley or Chris Paxhia or Sam Bassett
2) Peter Yeargin
3) Paul Pignotti
4) Adam Berey
5) Mike Morrison
6) Chris Paxhia or Sam Bassett
7) Matt Sundstrom
Could use one...
Tuesday, 29 December 2009 12:51

Game Opening: For Pete's Sake, Take 2

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Let's try this again. Pete's wife thinks we're a bunch of nerds. Let's help Pete prove her wrong!

In addition, we'll be hosting a DixieCon friend of ours named Edwin Turnage. A South Carolinian, Edwin will be in town to see his daughter graduate from Navy Boot Camp.

Here are the details:

Where: Pete McNamara's Home in Evanston
When: Jan. 30 from 4 p.m. to 11 p.m.
What: One board of standard Diplomacy.
1) Pete McNamara
2) Edwin Turnage
3) Jim O'Kelley
4) Eric Brown
5) Peter Yeargin
6) Amanda Baumgartner
7) Matt Sundstrom (willing to defer to a less frequent player)
Christian MacDonald
Paul Pignotti

"Eat me, Kevin!"

Indeed, holiday cheer was in the air last night at Guthrie's Tavern, as 14 of us gathered to drink beer and drive each other bonkers playing our favorite game. Three onlookers also stopped by for a total crowd of 17.

Game No. 82 started first, and for reasons that I can only speculate about, players on the board thought it would be a good idea to work with Matt Sundstrom. Predictably, he topped the board and they didn't.

Seriously, though, I didn't see much of this game, so we'll have to hear from some of the players to get the full story. I hope they'll post their comments below. In the meantime, the game ended by time limit after the Fall 1907 turn in a five-way DIAS draw. The final center counts were:

Austria (Chris Paxhia): 4; 52 points.
England (Greg Duenow): 0; 4 points.
France (Matt Sundstrom): 13; 168 points.
Germany (Kevin O'Kelly): 6; 72 points.
Italy (Mike Morrison): 0; 7 points.
Russia (Peter Yeargin): 8; 92 points.
Turkey (Sam Bassett): 3; 42 points.

Game No. 83 started a bit after 7 p.m. In that one, Michael Martinez, John Susoreny and Scott Yahne colluded their way to the top three spots, respectively. The game ended by time limit after the Fall 1906 turn in a five-way DIAS draw. The final center counts were:

Austria (Christopher M. Davis): 0; 3 points.
England (Scott Yahne): 8; 92 points.
France (Jeff Scheur): 0; 4 points.
Germany (John Susoreny): 9; 102 points.
Italy (Jim O'Kelley): 2; 32 points.
Russia (Michael Martinez): 10; 132 points.
Turkey (Adam Berey): 5; 62 points.

I'll share the Italian perspective when I get a chance. In the meantime, let's hear from the players of both games. Just post comments below.

Check out the supply center charts here.

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