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Sunday, 11 September 2011 20:11

Out with the old, in with the older

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Just prior to the start of the final round at Weasel Moot V, we moved one of the tables onto the meeting room's dance floor to create more space. As fate would have it, Chris Martin, who has a PhD in dance, landed on that board.

The former world champ sparkled in his natural habitat, twisting and turning and spinning his way to a resounding 17-center board top. The 75.26 points were enough to vault him past our own John Gramila, who posted the only solo of the tournament, and become the Moot's first two-time winner. Congratulations to our Alpha Weasel alpha, who is now our Alpha Weasel epsilon, as well.

Here's the top board:


  1. Chris Martin, 117.87 points.
  2. John Gramila, 112.68 points.
  3. Peter Yeargin, 76.19 points.
  4. Christian MacDonald, 70.33 points.
  5. Adam Silverman, 68.41 points.
  6. Robert Rousse, 66.72 points.
  7. Don Williams, 60.51 points.

The Best Country awards went to:

Austria: Nick Rohn, 22.54 points, Round 1, Board 5.
England: Christian MacDonald, 46.45 points, Round 2, Board 1.
France: Christian Pedone, 49.71 points, Round 2, Board 4.
Germany: Robert Rousse, 50.70 points, Round 2, Board 2.
Italy: Chris Martin, 75.26 points, Round 3, Board 5.
Russia: Adam Silverman, 59.04 points, Round 1, Board 1.
Turkey: John Gramila, 100.00 points, Round 1, Board 3.

The winner of the popular Best Lid vote on Hat Night was Nate Cockerill.

Click here for the complete standings and supply center charts.

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