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Moot XI, Round 3, Board 2

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Round 3, Board 2

The game ended by draw vote in Spring, 1911.

Chris Kelly
Gus Spelman
Chris Glassburn
Jake Langenfeld
Siobhan Nolen
John Gramila
(Best Russia)
Grant Smith
A: Chris Kelly
E:Gus Spelman
F:Chris Glassburn
G:Jake Langenfeld 
I:Siobhan Nolen
R:John Gramila 
T:Grant Smith

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# Chris Kelly 2017-06-26 02:08
The recently concluded NBA Finals had the Golden State Warriors going up 3-0 in the best-of-7 series, giving up Game 4 in a lax effort, then taking care of business in Game 5 for a 4-1 series win -- which is frequently referred to as a "gentleman's sweep" because the loser is given the fig leaf of a token victory.

This Diplomacy game was a "gentleman's solo." As the photos show, John Gramila's Russia was in a dominant position as early as F03 (and indisputably by F04) - and Italy, which had worked with Russia to carve up Austria, reacted by pulling its units away to fight France & Germany, leaving her Balkan centers open to a multi-dot stab for the next several years.

This decision by Italy essentially forfeited the board-top to John, apparently in exchange for Italy being allowed to finish a "strong" 2nd (which made pragmatic sense in terms of maximizing her aggregate score in the tournament, even if it was arguably contrary to the true spirit of the game).

It seems obvious from the photos that John could have soloed easily by stabbing Italy at a time of his choosing, but he somewhat condescendingly chose not to, as indicated by John's quote in the main tournament thread. Thus, as I said, it was a "gentleman's solo."

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