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2013 dues-paying Weasels

Dues are now due. Special thanks to these paid-up members for supporting the Weasels in 2013!


  1. Alex Amann
  2. Andy "Buffalo" Bartalone
  3. Ben DiPaola
  4. Brad Harrington
  5. Chris Martin
  6. Christian Kline
  7. Christopher M. Davis
  8. Craig Reges
  9. Dan Burgess
  10. Don Glass
  11. Don Williams
  12. Greg Duenow
  13. Jim O’Kelley
  14. Josh Heffernan
  15. Kevin O’Kelley
  16. Kevin O’Kelly
  17. Mark Weiskircher
  18. Matt Kade
  19. Matt Sundstrom
  20. Mike Morrison
  21. Mike Whitty
  22. Nate Cockerill
  23. Paul Pignotti
  24. Pete McNamara
  25. Peter Lokken
  26. Tony Prokes
  27. Ulysses Peterson

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This Post Has 2 Comments

  1. Ha, so this is actually legit since Jim’s Kevin has played in a game with us. Is the Kevin O’Kelley listed here me or the young Kevin? If it is the young Kevin, my dues are in the hands or pocket of Dan. Thanks.

  2. My Kevin is listed here. I’ll shake down Dan for your dues the next time I see him.

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