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Round 2 under way with four more boards

More intriguing matchups.

Weasel Moot IV – Heat 2 – Game 1
Austria: Adam Silverman
England: Roland Cooke
France: Grant Smith
Germany: Peter Yeargin
Italy: Christian Kline
Russia: Andy Bartalone
Turkey: Aash Anand

Weasel Moot IV – Heat 2 – Game 2
Austria: Don Glass
England: Kevin O`Kelly
France: Christian Pedone
Germany: Tim Yanok
Italy: Alex Amann
Russia: Conrad Woodring
Turkey: John Gramila

Weasel Moot IV – Heat 2 – Game 3
Austria: Amanda Baumgartner
England: Eric Brown
France: Jonathan Hill
Germany: Mike Morrison
Italy: Tony Prokes
Russia: Dirk Knemeyer
Turkey: Christian MacDonald

Weasel Moot IV – Heat 2 – Game 4
Austria: Mike French
England: Ted McClelland
France: Robert Rousse
Germany: Dave Maletsky
Italy: Chris Glassburn
Russia: Nick Rohn
Turkey: Matt Sundstrom

We have a shot at five boards for the evening round, so come on out.

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